Anonymous asked: What style do you consider yourself, as a real artist?
asmyownbeing replied:

I don’t really consider myself having a style; I just like painting or drawing in whatever way I feel that certain day.

A piece I did for my friend’s daughter. I used watercolor paints to paint this adorable little cherub. 
A watercolor copy of Girl with a Pearl Earing by Johannes Vermeer. I didn’t sign this one on the front because I thought it would be inappropriate. 
Les Trois Nageueses. My final piece for my senior Project. It was based on three swimmers from my city and was once again inspired by Degas’s love of ballerinas. 
A piece on a mongolian tribe. Once again I used chalk pastel.
This is a copy of Degas’s Three Ballerinas. I used chalk pastel and focused on getting similar colors.
what i do on saturday nights when I am bored and sick.
But seriously doctor who is the best:D watch it!!
j’ai pas eu ce qui reste du magazine donc j’ai imaginé une visage pour elle.

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